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Ron Cohn with “team”—Anita and Virginia.


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Upper Level Creative

Consulting, creative concepting and execution in marketing and advertising; producing short films, television show concepts, web sites and multi-media programs for clients in real estate, healthcare, financial services, municipal government and various B2B and B2C projects, including:

Hearing Health Center. 2015- A leading Audiology practice in Chicago and suburbs. Consulting, print and direct mail advertising, video Ecards.

Chicago Infrastructure Trust. A joint venture of public and private capital for investment in civic improvement projects. 2014-present. Work includes Uptown Theatre redevelopment project.

Keystone Realty Capital, national commercial real estate investments and brokerage 2014-present. Consulting, creative and production on property presentation materials.

MTH Industries, leading national glazing, ornamental and structural metal contractor. 2012-present. Created interactive corporate web site www.mthindustries.com and brochure, developed range of promotional materials, direct mail and e-cards.

Infinity Healthcare. 2012-present. Retirement home operator and REIT sponsor. Created two fifty-page offering brochures. Content seamlessly converted by client for web.

iStar Financial, New York (a NYSE listed company) 2010-2014. Consulting on disposal of $2 billion retail value of real estate assets acquired through foreclosure. Created a retail structure, iStar Residential, as an ownership entity, conducted market research on eight properties from Florida to Hawaii, created master web site www.iStarResidential.com as well as individual web sites for six properties, conducted magazine-style newspaper insert advertising campaign in Wall Street Journal and ten major market newspapers.

Crescent Heights, international developer/owner of multi-family residential. 2010-present. Design sales/leasing centers, interactive video, brochures, outdoor, magazine and digital advertising for properties in Chicago, Atlanta and Florida markets.

IDG–Integrated Development Group, developer of senior residential properties in Chicago and NY. 2010-2012. Creative and marketing consulting; personally wrote, produced and directed sales videos featuring CG special effects for use on television, in sales centers and on websites.

Other current clients whose work is in progress include: Robertson Properties, a large west coast and Hawaii shopping center developer and operator; Strawberry Fields, a healthcare REIT www.strawberryfieldsreit.com; Hamilton Animal Hospital, Orange County, CA www.hamiltonanimalhospital.com and miscellaneous retail and smaller real estate entities.